Resale Policy

These Resale Policies apply to all resellers and customers, and their respective affiliates, that purchase products from The Corporate Marketplace, Inc. and/or its affiliates (collectively, "TCMPi"). These Resale Policies have been unilaterally adopted by TCMPi and will be enforced strictly and uniformly.

In order to ensure that TCMPi's products are properly promoted and supported, TCMPi has developed these Resale Policies. TCMPi reserves the right to modify these Resale Policies from time to time in its sole discretion, with current policies to be published at or any successor website of TCMPi.

TCMPi's policy is to sell only to those persons or entities who offer TCMPi's products as awards, premiums, gifts, rewards, incentives, promotions or for other similar (i.e., non-retail sale) purposes within the premium and corporate promotional channels of distribution (collectively, "Promotional Distribution Channels").

Unless specifically directed to do so by the manufacturer, TCMPi will NOT sell products to any persons or entities who either (i) sell such products at retail, (ii) sell such products to any other person or entity for resale at retail, or (iii) distribute such products in any channel of distribution other than the Promotional Distribution Channels.

TCMPi relies upon its distribution network to position and support its products to compete with other brands within the Promotional Distribution Channels.

TCMPi reserves the unilateral right to terminate any reseller or customer that purchases products from TCMPi who does not strictly adhere to these Resale Policies.

Further, in the event any reseller or customer of TCMPi violates or threatens to violate these Resale Policies, TCMPi reserves the right to pursue injunctive or other equitable relief to remedy or forestall any such violation or threaten violation. Such equitable relief shall not be deemed to be the exclusive remedy for any violation or threatened violation of these Resale Policies, but shall be in addition to all other rights and remedies available to TCMPi at law and otherwise.

TCMPi will not discuss any conditions of acceptance related to these Resale Policies, as they are non-negotiable and will not be altered for any reseller or customer of TCMPi. Further, TCMPi neither solicits, nor will it accept, any assurance of compliance with these Resale Policies, and nothing in these Resale Policies shall constitute an agreement between TCMPi and any reseller or customer that such reseller or customer will comply with these Resale Policies.

TCMPi personnel have no authority to modify or grant exceptions to these Resale Policies. All questions regarding these Resale Policies must be directed to: Peter Weyman at 401-336-3000.

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